Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Placenta Brain

Hello Hello!
Greetings from the mind of a pregnant mom with a 14 month old. Craziness has ensued. Our family moved this past weekend. We are now in a much bigger house...and Addison is in Heaven. There are 2 sets of stairs, which are better than the latest Baby Einstein video. We have moved most of the boxes and it actually feels like home already. However, I haven't learned the ins and outs of the place yet. There was a new fridge that I had to express all the air out of line for the door water dispenser to work. Who knew. Also, I did an entire cycle in the dishwasher without realizing that the water wasn't running to it. I thought the smell of burning plastic was normal for the first cycle...hmmm. Then, the best part of the day came when Addison and I went outside after her nap. Today was beautiful. I thought it would be a quick up and back down the street. I didn't bother with her stroller. Well, after about 20 minutes we were both ready to go inside...only to find out that the door had shut and locked behind me. So, without my cell phone or keys...we were stranded on a new street, without knowing any neighbors. Most of the houses on the street are still for sale, and I haven't ventured out to meet the neighbors who are there. God works in mysterious ways. We met lots today. The nice man down the street who has a 2.5 year old named Thomas brought his red wagon down to meet Addison. There's the mom, Abby, that was pushing her 5 month old, Annalise, that offered to go for a walk sometime. We met a dog named Martin and got compliments on our front porch. Addison tried dirt/mulch for the first time. It was a very productive mistake I made. We are blessed to live so close to our friends Shannon and Steve. I knew they were coming over eventually, so we explored until they arrived. Steve ran to McDonald's for a Happy Meal for Addison and Shannon stayed with me and watched Addison until the locksmith arrived. $115 later, we were back in our house. Shannon then volunteered to go to the grocery store for me. God truly made himself evident in my life today. Not that I don't see him everytime I look in Addison's eyes...but today was more evident. I am forever grateful for the gifts he's given me and the friends he's brought to my family.

We had MOPS this morning. What great women. How reassuring to know that we are not alone in this journey of motherhood. So many make it look effortless and yet it's comforting to know that it's not for everyone and these feelings of inadaquacy are normal.

So, as I question my ability to care for one baby with one on the way, I know that God won't give me anything I can't handle...and on days when I don't think I can handle it...he's surrounded me with his angels that make it all bearable.

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