Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A typical Wednesday was a long day. The weather cooperated a bit more today and Addison and I ventured out. We visited Best Buy to search for the steam washer and dryer that I am longing for. I suppose I wanted to find one with a minor scratch that would be discounted to a price I couldn't turn down. No such luck. I really want to be able to justify a $1500 washer and equally expensive dryer, however, my attempts are lost on my husband. Addison loves Best Buy. Where else can a child be mesmerized by 40 or more televisions showing the same monkey all in HD?

Let me interject here and say I am blessed with one of the world's friendliest children. She smiles, waves, says "HEY" with a cute head tilt that no one can resist. She has a head full of curls, blue eyes and cheeks you just want to kiss. She is happiest when she's either around lots of people or surrounded by a pile of books. Addison has never met a stranger.

After the disappointing trip to Best Buy, I decided a lunch at Chick-fil-A would be good for both of us. Kudo's to Chick-fil-A and how they cater to moms. Placemats that stick to the table, food delivery and disposal, and they treat my little girl like she's the only kid in the place. We all know that's not the case. Chick-fil-A is the mecca for stay at home moms. When I was single I used to joke that you needed a stroller to be admitted between 11-1. We had a nice lunch. She eats an entire kids meal at 13 months. We do the 4 nuggets, fruit cup and plain milk. Somehow she manages to make friends with the whole restaurant while consuming her food. We got stopped twice on the way out so older couples could ask her name. I am just her handler. It is pretty great that other people see her personality and react the way I feel 24/7.

We get back into the car, but I am not excited about going home. We drive to Ashley Furniture in search of the 2 chairs and coffee table with storage that must not have sharp edges. We are immediately greeted by "Jay" who proceeds to tell me all about Ashley Furniture, it's production process, delivery time and policies. He also tells me he's been out of work for 4.5 months and this was close to his house and he hopes it works out because he just put his 4 year old back in daycare and it's straight commission...I feel like I am being stalked. They do have some nice chairs, but no coffee table meets my specific needs and I politely leave. "Jay" looks defeated. I hate feeling guilty for just looking at furniture. Maybe I will risk life and limb again to purchase from Ikea in Charlotte. (that's another blog waiting to happen)

As we leave I note that it's almost Addison's nap time. Maybe if I drive more she'll sleep. So I load us back up. We head toward Smithfield. I've seen the billboard for the discount furniture place on I40 and I am determined to find it. As I approach the store, I see Addison is quietly sleeping and I can't possibly wake her to go feel guilty again. I keep driving into downtown Smithfield. Cute town. I make a Uturn in a Rite Aid parking lot and we are on our way home.

As I turn the key off, Addison is awake. A 20 minute nap is not sufficient and I know this. I take her inside and lay her in her crib. No dice. I tell myself that she'll cry herself to sleep. No such luck. The afternoon continues at a snails pace. I'm a jungle gym, a storyteller, a cafe. We laugh, she cries, whines, begs and I count down the minutes until dinner and my husband arriving home. I never want to wish away a second of her childhood. Trust me, every minute is precious to me. Today was just a longer day than most.